Low cost, graduated PAYG solar home systems for Africa

Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) has successfully completed the research project, ‘Low cost, graduated PAYG solar home systems for Africa’. Through this project analysis of a wide range of Solar Home Systems (SHS) and system components were undertaken including a range of LED bulbs, lead acid batteries and some other DC appliances (refrigerator, LED TV and fan) in the laboratory. These components build the productive use of power through.

This project investigated a new upgradeable SHS for rural electrification with the key objectives of designing and developing an affordable and modular pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar home system (SHS) product line for off-grid households in Africa. Some of the design characteristics allow households to add more appliances over-time on a constant $2/week (approx.) rent-2-buy payment. This is attained through a 30% reduction in manufacturing costs over the costs of incumbent systems allowing poor households to afford full electrification overtime and on an affordable plan. Our project partner ‘Power Africa’ conducted alpha and beta field tests on at least 400 units spanning three tiers of SHS’s (10W; 30W and 50W) in Africa and commenced accelerated life tests. The project also undertaken a feasibility study into the productive use of power and end-use combinations for different business applications of power encompassing:

  • Analysis of potential businesses needs and ability to pay.
  • Creation of a business plan for the end users.
  • Optimised specification of the power systems and end-use equipment.
  • Develop new business model to support productive uses of SHS.

We have already published some results and their implications, which are available here.  

For more information about this project please click  here

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