Research and Capacity Building

The Energy and Climate Change Division /  Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG, undertake research and development in many fields of energy covering all renewables and energy efficiency in buildings. The following areas are related to the activities in rural electrification and development. 

Optimised solar home systems (SHS)

Research and development to combine generation and demand side optimisation leading to a robust andeconomically viable SHS solution.

Off-grid DC appliances testing

Laboratory based DC appliances (refrigerator, television, LED light bulbs, cooling fan, batteries etc.) testing by replicating field conditions.

DC / AC mini grids

Efficient energy services solution through mini grids

  • Appropriate system design of AC mini grids to support electricity access.
  • Unlocking the promise of high efficiency and low maintenance DC mini grids for electricity access.
  • Spatial planning for mini grids.

Capacity building

Supporting capacity building in research and development in off-grid energy access and energy efficiency in the built environment

  • Mini grids system design and performance analysis.
  • Energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Country-wide and regional geospatial analysis supporting energy studies at regional, city and village scales. (Application of GIS, EnergyPlus, HOMER etc.).

posted on: 19.07.2018 | by: Maj Alam | categorie(s): Research projects