The Energy for Development (e4D) programme implements rural electrification projects as learning entities to support energy access. Projects target improvement of living standards of the poor in communities in rural Africa, and provide pathways for growth and development. To date, e4D has installed six community managed solar PV mini grid systems in Sub-Saharan Africa with more in the planning. In addition to mini grids e4D undertakes research in other areas of distributed energy access and energy efficiency.


Mini grids and networks: Our works around mini grids focus on sustainable electrification and socio-economic development for off-grid communities. e4D’s research also explores off-grid networks and their transition to the national grid. See more…



Solar home systems (SHS): A widely used solution for off-grid electrification. e4D research focuses on ‘how these can be optimised with efficient appliances’ for optimum benefit of the end users including wider productive uses. See more…


Productive uses and energy efficiency: e4D works investigate electricity access (SDG7) as catalyser for other SDGs and our research continues with focus on productive uses and efficiency for inclusive growth in the society. See more…

Capacity building: We help and support partners in Africa and Asia to minimise existing capacity gaps in delivering their national targets in electrification as well as being on track with their ‘Low Carbon Transitioning’. See more…

Implementation Sites
Kitonyoni solar power plant Kitonyoni, Kenya.
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front_image_bambouti Bambouti, Cameroon
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Oloika, Kenya
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shompole - kenya Shompole, Kenya
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kanyegaramire - uganda thumb Kanyegaramire, Uganda
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Kyamugarura - uganda thumb Kyamugarura, Uganda
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