Research projects

Current and past research projects by the Energy for Development team:

18th September, 2019

Fortis Unum builds on the extensive experience of the e4D team in the areas of energy access, mini grids and networks. This includes in country field experience of research and development in delivering 6 modular PV driven power generation and distribution systems in rural Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) affecting ~ 20,000 people in Cameroon, Kenya […]

19th August, 2019

The Newton Fund project between the Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) of the University of Southampton and the Center for Research in Energy Systems and Technologies (CREST) of the University of San Carlos covers two areas, namely, energy efficiency in buildings and energy access. Tailored training packages were developed and delivered by SERG addressing energy […]

5th August, 2019

Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) has successfully completed the research project, ‘Low cost, graduated PAYG solar home systems for Africa’. Through this project analysis of a wide range of Solar Home Systems (SHS) and system components were undertaken including a range of LED bulbs, lead acid batteries and some other DC appliances (refrigerator, LED TV […]

19th September, 2018

Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) has successfully completed the research project, ‘Efficient VERsatile Energy Services Solution Through DC’. The following recommendations were made: a. DC mini-grids for off-grid applications should be considered for appropriate locations. b.Extra low voltage DC transmission (≤48V DC) perhaps should be considered. c.For off-grid community, DC mini-grids should be combined with […]

19th July, 2018

The Energy and Climate Change Division /  Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG, undertake research and development in many fields of energy covering all renewables and energy efficiency in buildings. The following areas are related to the activities in rural electrification and development.  Optimised solar home systems (SHS) Research and development to combine generation and […]

19th December, 2015

This research project focused on sustainable rural electrification for poor off-grid communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Large scale data collection in several African countries was carried out to understand the energy needs by the rural communities and analyses of collected data revealed the sustainable pathway for off-grid electrification through Solar PV Mini Grids. This research led […]