FORTIS UNUM (Stronger As One): Innovation in Mini Grids and their Networks

Fortis Unum builds on the extensive experience of the e4D team in the areas of energy access, mini grids and networks. This includes in country field experience of research and development in delivering 6 modular PV driven power generation and distribution systems in rural Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) affecting ~ 20,000 people in Cameroon, Kenya and Uganda. The project will test off-grid networks, in terms of their ability to work individually, work collaboratively with each other in a small network cluster and work in parallel with the national grid, individually, in clusters and transitioning these as a formal part of the national grid.

The research is structured to test and model the mini grid systems and their configuration to enable African households to thrive through optimised, flexible and upgradeable mini grid networks.  Key understanding will cover, (a) exploration of options to cluster mini grids to form wider networks with greater stability and lower LCOE, (b) utilisation of high stability mini grids to support the near end of line utility network, (c) understanding the intermittent islanding operation of mini grid networks and (d) Demand side management approaches related to consumption profiles and mini grid network stability.

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