Replication of off-grid Electricity Generation through Technology and Business Innovation

This research project focused on sustainable rural electrification for poor off-grid communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Large scale data collection in several African countries was carried out to understand the energy needs by the rural communities and analyses of collected data revealed the sustainable pathway for off-grid electrification through Solar PV Mini Grids. This research led e4D to the installation of six Solar mini grids in Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Cameroon). 

Deployed e4D mini grids supply electricity 24/7 to businesses, health centres, schools, places of worship & households. All project are cooperatives, managed by elected members of the local communities. Performances of all installed PV mini grids are remotely monitored by the e4D team in UK. Resilience of e4D mini grid delivery model is built around key sustainability parameters:

  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Needs assessment, at the start and ongoing.
  • Quality of installation.
  • In country supply chain and technical support.
  • Regular monitoring to support performance, operation, maintenance and project expansion.
  • Cooperative business model, with micro financing to the community.

posted on: 19.12.2015 | by: serg | categorie(s): Research projects