Newton Fund Capacity Building Project

The Newton Fund project between the Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) of the University of Southampton and the Center for Research in Energy Systems and Technologies (CREST) of the University of San Carlos covers two areas, namely, energy efficiency in buildings and energy access. Tailored training packages were developed and delivered by SERG addressing energy efficiency and energy access elements of the research project in the following areas.

 1. Address energy efficiency (EE) in buildings through refurbishment covering current building stock. Tools to develop capacity to be established and USC campus to be used as a case study.

2. Approaches for buildings as power generators to contribute to the grid and to the shaving of peak air conditioning loads. Assess applicability and cohort capacity.

3. Map renewable energy sources for rural electrification and develop case studies for energy access in islands. Assess energy requirement as an approach for design and training.

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posted on: 19.08.2019 | by: serg | categorie(s): Research projects