Bambouti Solar Plant Project


Project Overview

The e4D team has collaborated with Cameroon Catalyst to carry out the deployment of a solar power plant in Cameroon. Cameroon Catalyst is  a joint venture between students from the University of Southampton and the Mosame trust. The organisation was formed with the goal of funding and constructing development projects in the village of Bambouti in Cameroon.

Benefits to the community

  • Solar plant provides a ‘charging station’ for the community to gain access to electricity for charging devices and using small appliances.
  • Rechargeable battery packs are being sold by the cooperative to individual households for lighting and other appliances.
  • The solar plant is operated and maintained by the local Co-operative, creating employment and providing economic revenue as well as social and humanitarian benefits to the local population.
  • The solar plant is connected and provides electricity to the local health centre, which has shown improved performance since the project was installed.

Project Design

  • 6kWp installed PV
  • 28.8kWh battery storage
  • One 5kW inverter
  • Office space for cooperative
  • The solar plant employs an alternative design for the solar canopy, which uses a timber frame to mount the solar on a container


Have a look at our video below, showing the construction of Bambouti solar plant. More Energy for Development videos can be found at our groups youtube channel – Energy Soton